Whether you are first-time seller or a real estate mogul, selling a property is one of the biggest financial decisions you can make—each and every time. Our quality of service and marketing is unparalleled and provides the best circumstances for a straightforward and successful sale.

As each property is different and requires a unique approaching to marketing, our agents will work with you to develop a customised marketing strategy to best position your property for sale.


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Rent your property faster—and to the right tenants. Let our experts do the job for you. Along with our extensive database, we promote your property to the largest possible rental market.


Our comprehensive listing services will increase viewings and help you rent your property faster and our agents prepare intelligent lease agreements, built upon our many years of experience, which protects all your interests as a landlord.


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Exceptional auction results come from hard work and skilled auctioneers.


At Sentia real estate, we have our very own in-house auctioneers to make sure you property is sold by the best!


We believe auctions that engage buyers in a positive, dynamic experience create more successful results. We work hard to create a formidable sales presence focused on motivating potential buyers to engage in bidding. 


Project Sales


Our client base is diverse and so are our services. Working with Canberra’s top developers makes the residential project sales area a natural fit for both us and our clients.

We bring over 30 years of experience to the project sales table.

With so many mixed-use developments being constructed in our region, an agent that can advise with whole of project in mind means our clients have a seamless highly integrated service that ultimately creates a better outcome.

Property Management


Our experienced agents help you increase your bottom line while taking the hassle out of managing your property. 

We use sophisticated software that reliably controls the finest details of property management, ensuring consistent owner payouts and providing straightforward and easy-to-read monthly reports directly to your email. For all maintenance requests, take advantage of our expert and reliable network of tradespeople for all your maintenance needs.


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The first step in selling or leasing your property is to estimate a sales price or rent. Our tools and experience can help with this.

We use advanced market reports and regularly updated data which allows us to give you a fair and realistic appraisal.

The number of days on the market is greatly impacted by price, and the longer is stays up, the more this affect price perceptions, so price properly the first time! Allow one of our expert agents to prepare you a free report for your property and estimate how much you can walk away with at closing.

Tenant Representation

Whether you are committing to your first lease or your 50th, it always helps to get a professional opinion.


Our skilled agents are here for you and are willing and able to give you important advice when negotiating key terms of your heads of agreement before committing to a lease.



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Our defining property is trust.

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